Solar Consultation

Let me thank you for your interest in solar Energy. You have opened a new world of opportunities for yourself as well as for the planet earth. Till date I have reduced more than 250 KGs of my carbon foot print and soon i plan to increase my capacity.

If you wish to plan or install a ongrid/off grid solar system I can help you get the right wattage you will need based on your load requirements. We shall take into account a lot of other factors that are clearly missed by your local vendor. My projects are all DIY, but if needed I can arrange for your installation provided you are located in Bhubaneswar. Otherwise I can help you over the telephone to make the right choices .

Personally I installed a 500W DIY Solar on grid system for my home and reaping the benefits of it. To give you an average figure a 500W system will generate 1.5 KWh a day and sometimes 2 KWh on a cool summer day.

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