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Why buy the new iPhone when you can save the planet with just half the cost?

I am a resident of Bhubaneswar. I consider myself educated and a believer of the fact that current economy model is not sustainable for the planet. With all these self-proclaimed accolades I could not think of spending INR 50000 on a solar on grid system for my home in Bhubaneswar. The cyclone Fani of 2019 opened my eyes on the urgent need for installation of solar ongrid systems.

We have spent a sum of INR 50000 and above on many things like a lavish furniture, some cool gadget, a new motor vehicle or a flight ticket. Most of these things have a huge carbon footprint. When i was in the UK, I bought a shirt because it was cheap. This shirt was made in Bangladesh and it flew all the way across to the UK and then i took it back to India. The displacement was a few hundred kilometers but the carbon foot print of the product was huge. Have you seen the Netflix season “the good place”? It is a must watch . It explains the exact same concept of carbon foot print.  The items we purchase may not have an ethical procurement.  On top of the unethical procurement it is made a thousand miles away increasing the carbon foot print of the product. A product that may cost a few hundred rupees may be holding a baggage of hundreds of kgs of Co2 foot print.

Let us not deviate and return to our PV  systems. Are you holding an older version of the iPhone ? why is there the urge to upgrade when you can still use it for another year. what if I told you that investing half a lakh on an ongrid system will give you at least a return of INR 80000 and peace of mind over a period of 25 years. Yes this includes every type of expenses that one may need to incur in that period of 25 years, if you decide to set up a solar PV on grid system. Half a lakh over 25 years might earn you better returns on a FD scheme, but if you choose the option of an solar PV system then you are not only doing your bit to save the planet but also securing your home from power outages. In addition there will be a huge reduction in energy consumption.

solar Savings ROI -500W system

Let me reiterate the three points

  1. Doing your bit for the planet
  2. Break free from power outage problems
  3. Save on your energy bill

To keep you engaged I am giving you a fairly accurate quantification of these things. On a 500 W on grid system you will save one kg of carbon dioxide, a bill free backup of more than 8 hours during the day time.

Based on these facts why wont you install one in your home. It is difficult of you live in an apartment but if you own n individual house then it becomes your duty towards the planet to install one. What is stopping you? If you don’t know how to proceed with one I am here to help .Just fill out this form below and I will help you out on a solar on grid .

If 1 million homes set up a 500W on grid Solar system the benefits observed will be 0.9 million kg of Co2 reduced per day ,which is equivalent to what 15.7 million trees would have absorbed in a day. Each INR 50000 spent will be like 19 full grown trees panted. No need to donate money for tree plantation where you aren’t sure if the the tree is actually being planted or not. Isnt that wonderful?  Here is one that I have installed on my roof top. it is messy and not properly installed, but I get a 2+ units of power savings a day.

Get help in your DIY solar on grid system

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